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Aug 26

Interested in Windows 10?

If you are like most other PC users in the world you are probably still using Microsoft Windows 7. The failures of Windows 8 and 8.1 are many and are well documented. The majority of our customers that needed to purchase new computers in the past 2 years have almost all had them downgraded to Windows 7. So is this new release from Microsoft any different?

Our opinion is that it is. Windows 10 is shaping up to be an excellent all around operating system. Why?

There are several reasons we think Windows 10 will be a big hit:

  • The OS is designed to run on many different types of devices (phones, pc’s, tablets, etc…)
  • The OS is free for many users and the install is simple (in most cases); we did run into some driver issues with one of our customers machines, but we have installed it on about 15 machines to date without incident.
  • The most appealing thing about Windows 10 is that it just works. There’s virtually no learning curve as there was with 8 or 8.1. Even if users don’t take advantage of all of the new features like the taskbar search or Task View, it won’t actually take anything away from their productivity.
  • Looking for your free upgrade?

    If your interested in learning if Windows 10 is a good fit for your business give us a call we’d be happy to discuss it with you and help you decide.

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    Aug 26

    Office 2016 for the Mac has arrived!!

    For those you that have long wished that the Mac version of Microsoft’s Office suite would have all of the features of the Windows version your long wait is over. The latest version of Microsoft Office for the Mac has finally arrived and this time it is on par with its Windows cousin. In fact they will share the same name for the first time — Office 2016 for the Mac is available now and Office 2016 for Windows will be released within the next 30 days.

    Give us a call and we’ll get you upgraded right away.

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    Nov 26

    Office 365: Exchange Online Protection (EOP)

    Office 365 users can check at any time for quarantined email.  

    Once logged in you may need to wait a few moments while any messages quarantined are loaded.

    Use Advanced Search To Filter And Locate Quarantined Messages

    You can filter your own spam-quarantined items based on several different conditions using advanced search. You can use these conditions separately or in combination with one another. The search will provide a list of messages that meet all your filter criteria.

    1      Click Advanced search  to open the Advanced search window.

    2      Select any combination of the following conditions. Select the associated check box in order to enable each condition. Wildcards aren’t supported.

    a       Sender email address   Specify the email address of the person who sent the message.

    b      Subject  Specify the subject line text of the message.

    c       Received   You can select that the message was received by the quarantine within the past 24 hours (Today), within the past 48 hours (Last 2 days), within the past week (Last 7 days), or you can select a custom time interval during which the message was received by the quarantine.

    d      Expires   You can select that the message will be deleted from the quarantine within the next 24 hours (Today), within the next 48 hours (Next 2 days), within the next week (Next 7 days), or you can select a custom time interval during which the message will be deleted from the quarantine.
Note: The length of time that messages are stored in the quarantine is controlled by your administrator.

    Click ok to start running the advanced search.

    Release a spam-quarantined message and optionally report it as not junk

    After finding a spam-quarantined message, you can release the message to your inbox. When a message is released to your inbox, the service re-scans the released message for malware but skips spam filtering.  You can also optionally report the message as ‘not junk’ (also known as a false positive message) to the Microsoft Spam Analysis team, who will evaluate and analyze the message. Depending on the results of the analysis, the service-wide spam content filter rules may be adjusted to allow the message through.

    To release a spam-quarantined message to your inbox and optionally report it as not junk

    1      Select a message, click the Release Message  icon, and then from the list, click one of the following options:

    a       Release message will simply release the message to your inbox.

    b      Release message and report as not junk will release the message to your inbox and report it as not junk to the Microsoft Spam Analysis Team.

    2      Click ok to confirm your decision and return to the main screen.  If you click the Refresh  icon to refresh your data, and then double-click the message, you should see that it’s been released to your inbox.

    Quarantine Email

    By default, quarantine emails are delivered every 3 days.  This can be adjusted.

    For full instructions, click here for a PDF:  Office 365-EOP


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