IOS 11 – Ready for it?

So what’s the hype…


Control Center for one!  Beyond just a new look, the Control Center centralizes everything you need at your fingertips.  Calculator, brightness, wifi, flashlight, camera ALL in one place!

DND While Driving! People on the go will love the new Do Not Disturb While Driving!  If you turn this on, when people text you, they get an auto response letting them know you cannot reply at this time, but will do so when you reach your destination!  Look for the car in the bottom right.

App Dock – Drag and drop is now here.  Your iPad it becoming more of a laptop now! Finally, you have a dock on the iPad.  You can drag apps side by side much easier than before!  It’s great to be able to work in messenger and type up an email.  You can even drag pictures into an email.

When can you upgrade? Anytime on September 19th. Visit Apple!



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