Outlook 2010: Sending As PDF

This method allows you to attach a Word document and have Adobe convert it to a PDF directly from Outlook.

Launch Outlook, if necessary.

  • Start a new email message
  • Compose your message

To attach a word document without converting it to a PDF first:

  • Click on the Adobe PDF Ribbon
  • Click Attach as Adobe PDF
  • Choose the document from Worldox.
    You can only choose one document at a time.
    You will see a dialog box pop up.
  • Click Save
    This will save the PDF to your local computer and immediately attach it to your email message.

Remember, the larger the file, the longer it takes to convert to a PDF.
Please be patient.

  • Repeat as necessary to attach all of the necessary PDFs.
  • Click Send when you are ready to send your attached PDFs.

If you would like a shortcut button for “Attaching as Adobe PDF” on your Quick Access Toolbar, please contact Tappan Solutions for assistance.

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