Tappan Solutions is certified by many of the leading technology hardware and software companies. Our certifications offer you a number of advantages. A certified company gives you peace-of-mind. Manufacturers employ a rigorous application process, part of this process is demonstrating our ability to analyze, implement, and support their products.

A certified company offers superior support. Our partners provide us with dedicated priority support services. Should you have an issue with one of our partner’s products, you can be assured they will provide you with superior support.

Being a manufacturers’ partner offers us advance access to upcoming products. We can evaluate new solutions before they hit the market. For instance, Microsoft gives us access to their newest operating systems and server products before they are released. This allows us to make a solid judgment whether or not a product will fit your requirements.

Finally, as a certified company we demonstrate our commitment to our craft. Some IT companies do not believe being certified is very important. What they are likely saying is that being certified is too expensive. Expenses such as staff training, membership fees, the certification process, and other costs add up quickly. But Tappan Solutions believes that being certified shows our clients that we are willing to incur these expenses because we want to do things the right way.

Below are the major companies that have certified Tappan Solutions as partners. If you would like to learn more about our certifications, please contact us by clicking here.

As a Webroot Certified Partner, Tappan Solutions is proud to support Webroot Cyber Security, utilizing our partner status to bring you the best solutions within the Webroot framework of products. Our experienced staff of Webroot certified network engineers know how to unlock the full potential of Webroot’s Cyber Security products and services.

As a certified member Proofpoint, Tappan Solutions has the skills necessary to implement and support Proofpoint Essentials products for your business. We support both desktop and server products as well as mobile devices such as the iPad and iPhone. We can integrate Proofpoint Essentials products into your Windows environment or vice-versa.