Symphony Suite

Go paperless with SymphonySuiteSymphony Reseller

Trying to go paperless?

Law firms and other types of companies are using Document Management Systems to save and access their electronic documents more efficiently. Working with paper documents is difficult and can be somewhat disorganized, now with the many options of Document Management Systems, Symphony can integrate with Worldox and many others.

Don’t have a DMS in place, Symphony can still help you access your electronic documents more efficiently

With Symphony Suite, your organization can use optimized scanning processes and automatic OCR technologies to manage paper documents with the same level of efficiency as it manages electronic documents.

Here are the benefits

Optimized Scanning

  • Auto-file to document management systems
  • Scan documents quickly and easily

Automatic OCR

  • Make ANY and ALL documents text-searchable, regardless of origin
  • Cut scanning time in half by turning off your scanner’s OCR feature
  • OCR all email attachments

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