RingCentral – Call Interruptions on Mobile

If you are using your iPhone regularly rather than the softphone on your PC/Mac, you may want to turn two features off to avoid call interruptions from people calling you on your mobile device.  We need to ensure inbound and outbound calls will be cellular calls, not VoIP. 

On the iPhone disable call waiting.  This will send all callers to voicemail if your cell line is active.

  • Go to Setting
  • Phone
  • Call Waiting
  • Disable Call Waiting

Turn off VoIP in the RincCentral App

  • Launch the RingCentral App
  • Click on the your profile picture, or the icon
    to the left of your name to go into your profile
  • Turn off VoIP Calling

By turning off VoIP, you are forcing the RingCentral  calls to go out on the cellular network.  So you are using your cell phone to make the call.  The callers only see your  RingCentral Caller ID.  RingCentral logs the calls as normally.

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