Ready to Synchronize SharePoint to Your Mac

If you are ready to work with SharePoint files on your Mac, its’ available!!

First remove the existing OneDrive application on your Mac.

To remove the OneDrive Mac Store app

  1. Open Finder and Search for “” or “” from “This Mac.”
  2. Move all returned items to the trash.

Once you’ve removed the Mac Store app, you can install the preview build of the new OneDrive sync client.

Now install the preview build

  1. Download the preview build of the new OneDrive sync client for Mac.
  2. Open the package and drag and drop the OneDrive app into your Applications folder.
  3. Launch OneDrive by typing cmd+space and searching for “OneDrive”
  4. Sign in with your Office 365 account.

The next step is to enable team site sync.  If you are not familiar with terminal commands, please contact a representative at Tappan Solutions.  We are here to help!

To enable team site sync

  1. Exit the new OneDrive sync client by clicking on the OneDrive cloud icon in the Menu bar and selecting Quit OneDrive.
  2. Open a terminal window by using cmd+space and searching for “Terminal.”
  3. Run the following commands:Defaults write TeamSiteSyncPreview -bool True
    Defaults write Tier Team
    Killall cfprefsd
  4. Restart your Mac
  5. Restart the sync client and log in again if prompted.

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