Word 2010: Inspecting Your Document for Metadata

Almost every document includes information such as; Hidden text, Object info, Personal Information (identifying information: author name), and other invisible info stored as metadata. To get rid of it, Word 2010 includes a Document Inspector feature which lets user inspect for these concealed elements and to remove them at once. It primarily stands for inspecting & removing; Personnel Information, Comments, Annotations, Meta info, XML data, Hidden text, and more such information.

  • Open the document you want to ‘inspect”
  • Click File (backstage view)
  • Click Info
  • Click on the “check for Issues”
  • Click Inspect Document

This will bring up Document Inspector dialog, listing multitude of options for inspecting; Comments, Revisions Version, Document Properties, Personal Info, XML Data, Headers, Footers, Watermarks, Invisible Content, and Hidden Text, etc.

Enable desired options available in the list and click Inspect.

It will start inspecting for specified elements. Once inspection is completed , you can remove the inspected elements from the document by clicking Remove All with each option you’ve selected.

On clicking Remove All, it will instantly remove all the specified elements from the document.

Now your document is safe, and you can start preparing it for generic distribution.

For more information: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff862071.aspx

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